NEW STAR TRADE INTERNATIONAL is leading whole sealer & distributor in Bangladesh. We import all kinds of branded goods for construction & industries. Such as-Power tools, Hardware tools, Waterproofing Products, All kinds’ construction Stone. We are able to supply all kinds of above product by our own transportation to our valuable customers We also able to provide small quantity to very large quantity.

We have been doing business since 1985 in whole Bangladesh with good respect, great honor & customer trust. Day by day our business is increasing to Town to village; we have strong sourcing of best manufacturer in the world. In addition, we have reliable sources of raw material all kinds of stone in locally & overseas at very competitive prices. We offer a complete Solution for all construction. Our sourcing department ensures great measures to evaluate the most suitable manufacturer for our customer’s requirements, if it is possible best products with less price, why not?

We are in a possession to provide better services than others of Pricing, Quality, and Delivery. We sell out the goods with wholesale rat when retail customer comes in also. we also provide waterproofing service & solutions We Have professional Expert Waterproofing Contractor Team & skilled stuff in all sections. As We offer you free estimates. So our quality products and highly experienced applicators will give you results that ensure long term peace of mind. For this reasons we are able to take care your plan in time.


Power tools

All kinds of Drill Machine
All Kinds of Grinding Machine
All Kind of Blower Machine
All Kind of Cutting Machine
All Kind of Heat Gun
All kind of Air Grinder

Hardware tools

Combination spanner
Double Combination spanner
Ring spanner
Adjustable spanner
Oil filter spanner
Metal Hammer
Rubber hammer
Combination pliers
Cutter pliers
Nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Grip pliers
Plus minus screw driver
Philips screw driver
Flat file
Round file
Half round file
Three comer file
Square file
Valve lifter tool
Pipe range
Grease gun
Oil can
Hacksaw Blade
Feeler gauge
Ring clip
Air gun

Industrial Goods

Rober Sheet
Silicon Robber Sheet
PVC clear Robber Sheet
Aluminum Sheet
Foyel Tape
All Types Gasket Sheet
Teplin Cloth
All types S.S Net
Roberize Cork Sheet
Corck Sheet
All Kinds Nylon & Teflon
Grease Packing
Steam & Gallon Packing
Teplon Packing
Air pipe
Pnumetic Pipe
High Presser Pipe
Industrial Hand Globs
Cotton Hand Globs
Fire Equipment
All Kind of Industrial Spray
Sheet Cutter
Granding Disk
Tube Brush
Steel Clip
Clip Binder Machine

Waterproofing Products

Bitumen 10/20
Bitumen 115/15
Bitumen 80/100
Torch Applyed Membrame
Bitumen Coating
Oil Based Primer
Solvent Based Primer
Self Adhesive Membrane
Reinforced Membrane
Asphalt Roolfing Felt
Bitumenus Modified Membrane

All kinds of Stone

Lime Stone
Oversize 2-4 Stone
Oversize 8-18
4a Natural Stone
6a Natural Stone
White limestone
Crushed Natural Stone (Single)
Crushed Natural Stone (1/2)
Crushed Natural Stone (3/4)
Crushed Natural Stone (5/10)
Stone Mix:
Granite Gneiss, Sandstone, Slate, Slabs


Akij Group
Balgle Group
Dard group
Doreen Group
Hamim Group
Meghna Group
Modina Group
Pertax Group
Nasha Group
Bangla Cat
Sinha Group
Brothers Group
Bexi Fabrics
Armani Group
Nandan Group
Desh Unnayan
Chaiti Group
Suvastu group
RAK Group
Beximko Group


To construction & industries all kinds of tools & stone supplying Quality Products to our valued customers on time with good quality and at a Competitive Price.


Be a leading whole sealer & distributor in Bangladesh. We have to Ensure the quality product for the customers also they must get the mentally satisfaction for long time based. In this way, we are increasing the Local Market From bottom to top


  • Our combined experience of more than one decade in construction & industries sector gives us the best skills & network to source for our customers, quality products with reasonable pricing
  • Since 1985 to till now- experience in the field construction & industries
  • We can also provide the best quality product & service with professional Expert Waterproofing Contractor Team & skilled stuff. Also we offer you free estimates.


We also able to provide small quantity to very large quantity. Its depends on customers requirement.


  • Being always concerned with customers' need
  • Innovative, Knowledgeable and dedicated workforce is our asset.
  • Business Partners’ are reason for business development as we think our all customer as our business partners


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